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Thread: Ft Leonard Wood

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    Ft Leonard Wood

    So DH will (most likely) be reclassed and will be doing AIT at Ft leonard wood.... the training is only a short time but we are hoping that i will be able to find a motel to stay at so i can be there when he gets weekend passes (a friend of his says there is a motel that lets you pay weekly, like $100)

    this all assuming i dont need to be home to help my mother

    so i was wondering if any ladies were currently stationed there. i wont be getting a job while im there because itll only be a couple of months.. so i'll need something to do.. and what better to do than meet chicks from here?!
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    I don't live there but I am about 45 minutes away....
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    My best friends and family are all less than an hour form there-if you will have a car, I know a few places where you can stay free, totally. PM me damnit!

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