Hi everybody! My husband just left yesterday to go into the Army. While he is doing his training, I am trying to finish up a Master's degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Right now, I am working on a paper for my class specifically about military spouses and their experiences when relocating to other cultures. Since I just became a military spouse, I don't have any of my own stories to tell, but I thought some of you may have some funny or interesting anecdotes about your experience with culture shock. I would love to hear them (especially ones dealing with moving overseas) and would love to have your permission to use them in my paper.

Please email your stories to me, along with a statement saying I have your permission to use them. In your email, I need your full name and the city/state you hail from.

Also, tell me how you felt moving to a new place, leaving family and friends behind. How did you adjust? (What type of things did you do to help you adjust?) How did you learn about the culture? What ideas did you have about the culture before you moved and how were these ideas confirmed or denied after you lived there a while?

Thank you so much for your help!

My email is LisaAllum@comcast.net.