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Thread: Is it true...

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    Question Is it true...

    you can only get overseas orders if you have decent credit.....? DH told me that i really didn't think credit would be an issue with orders....????????

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    I've never heard of that, but we're AD Army. Dunno, sorry.
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    Never heard that rumor. I know having bad credit can affect one's security clearance; ultimately dictating on where one gets stationed.
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    DB is stationed in Germany.. and I dont think he has any credit

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    it can because living overseas can be expensive. Places like Hawaii I know they do a credit check. They want to make sure you can afford it so to speak. But every where is different that is why they do an overseas screening. oh and usually a single sailor wouldn't have to do a credit check because of living in the barracks and what not.

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    on the same topic when I married DH did my credit score affect his credit score?
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    Part of the overseas screening process is a financial readiness sheet. If you are in debit up to your eyeballs and have credit issues, that can cause you to get disapproved for overseas orders. From the milpers manual:
    Financial Stability
    (1) E5 and above. Serious financial problems or indebtedness which have not been reconciled, or a documented history of indebtedness over a period of the last 3 years may be considered disqualifying (i.e., bankruptcy).

    (2) E1-E4. A debt-to-income ratio shall be performed by the command financial specialist or Family Service Center counselor to ensure the economy in the host nation of the proposed overseas activity will not pose an undue hardship on the member’s financial circumstances. If debt-to-income ratio is 30% or greater, member is unsuitable for overseas assignment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Victoria View Post
    Never heard that rumor. I know having bad credit can affect one's security clearance; ultimately dictating on where one gets stationed.
    I've heard this too. I also think you have to have a higher security clearance (they factor in credit ratings) to be stationed overseas... I could be wrong though.

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