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Thread: Car insurance and moving from base to base?

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    Car insurance and moving from base to base?

    My boyfriend told me that prior enlisted men he's met at Officer Candidate School have told him that you can keep your car registered and have insurance in your hometown when you are military since you get relocated about every two years. Is that true? I understand you'd have to change the registration and insurance once you know you are permanent in a certain state, but if you are going out to a base for about 2 years... do you have to change all the car information? Thanks!
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    Bryan says it's true! He did it for 2-1/2 years prior to meeting me and moving to Hawaii. He kept his PA driver's license, car registered in PA, insurance based on Home or Record(PA)....that's all he can think of.
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    my DB is stationed in TX and still has everything registered in CT, has a CT license plate, etc. so I think your DB is right
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    I don't know exactly how it works.... but I know that my friends who moved from WA to KS kept their cars registered in WA.... but got new insurance in Kansas.... it was SO MUCH CHEAPER in Kansas.

    If you can, check out insurance rates for wherever you're going to... might save you money
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    You can but depending on your insurance company you may not be able to. We have USAA and we just tell them where we are living and they have our insurance in that state regardless of where our vehicle is registered because depending on the state you may be required to carry their state required insurance. Also a lot of that applies only to the AD member not the spouse, unless the cars are registered ONLY in the AD members name, something to think about.
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    Mike is stationed in Newport,RI and kept his insurance and everything in Massachusetts

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    He's home from Iraq!
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    each state has different requirements-

    I have my car currently registered in AK until 09, I can keep it registered there until it needs to be redone- and then AK does not allow Mail in renewals so I will have to change it( even for Residents)

    and IN every state I have ever lived in- ( ALOT) we always had to carry in state insurance... AK< HI<FL< MI< AR<GA<CA<VA...

    so the best bet is to find out when you plan on getting stationed somewhere.

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