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Thread: 5 weeks out of whidbey and still no housing!

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    5 weeks out of whidbey and still no housing!

    a little background here. i was told, in october, that the wait for a 4 bedroom, junior enlisted house was 0-30 days. well i called them the day i left and informed them i was detached, and they said, ok you're number is 5. and we should have your house before the end of the month. ok cool. well then i find out that they told me this, with the knowledge that they were turning the housing over to Liberty Park 4 days later. well then i called Liberty Park and they said, yes you are number 5, but we dont know when these houses will be ready for issue. how about that for a bait and switch. now i get told mid january at the earliest!!!!! so much for 0-30 days. i talked to the assistant housing manager for Liberty Park, and heard some more total BS about how they had to make sure everything was done, and that the air force left houses a shambles. which i know betterthan that. there are almost 100 empty units on this base... and from what i hear many have been empty for over 60 days. i smell a rat... but i have no ground to stand on. my CO and my chief have both made calls on my behalf, but im pretty sure they got the same BS answer. pretty bad when an O-6 cant do anything. damn civilians. PPV housing has to go. if the air force was still in charge i would be in housing, and shaunny wouldnt be in upstate NY with my parents.
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    I hope they get you in asap!
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    They're doing a lot with the housing here at the moment. There's a lot beeing knocked down and such like. It's better to wait and not get stuck in some of the older stuff. The empty units are probably those marked off for demolishing, or to rehouse the people who are in housing that will be demolished. They won't put anyone coming in from another base in those units.

    I wish I could be more help, but if you're 5 weeks out, you should be okay though with January, or are you saying you've been in Oak Harbor for 5 weeks? When we were stationed here before prior to PPV housing, it was a 3-4 month waiting list. And the unit you go into should be nicer. I know that doesn't help much, but it will be better for you once you do get in there.

    Hang in there!
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    I just came from NASWI. We lived in the Whidbey Apts (outside Langley gate) many years ago. Alot of the housing all over is really old and just dumpy. The homes are old... the electrical is bad. They are tearing down all the old ones in small sections and building new housing. It has been a really long process, but definitely will be worth it in the end.

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    we moved to whidbey in the summer time. we could not get into housing. it was a 5 month plus wait just to get into the shitty ass housing they are tearing down. All the people in housing now are getting the new houses first then they'll move others into the new houses. Well they didnt have one our size or one that took our dogs. finding a house out in town here was a huge bitch!! We have 3 kids and 2 dogs and it was seriously hard. We drove cross country all the way from the Mississippi Gulf coast and we had a house that we were suppose to be moving into when we got here. We got here only to find out they pulled it off the market so we had to live in a hotel for a week. Then we finally found a house that we could all fit in and that took our dogs. It was the last place we looked at before giving up all hope. $1300 a month. Our bah is 940 and my husbands a E5. Our house is huge and I feel lucky because the house we were going to rent was 100.00 less but it was like 1200 sq foot with 3 tiny ass bedrooms and this house is 3000 sq ft with 6. so we are broke as a joke livin up here comin out of pocket even with a roommate just to live up here. I think we'll only be up here til sometime during the summer though. Its a nice place to live but geez ! The new housing is really really cute though. Its just a long ass wait and my husband had just gotten home from Iraq and I had already spent 2 extra months in MS waiting on him to find us a house here. Thats how long it took to find the first one.
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    I hate to hear that other people are having some of the same problems we are in! But I'm glad Im not alone....We are still waiting on airline tickets to be issued so I can call and make sure there is room for my jack russell and 3 cats on the plane...I have to leave one dog behind..:-( Really upsetting that the military doesnt count your pets as family,...cause my animals have been home and with me more than DH LOL


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