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Thread: What the hell?

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    What the hell?

    So, we all know (I think) that this is really the first time we are moving to a different duty station. We moved here from "home" and have been here for 2 years.

    So!! Dh is a corpsman who is now going to fmss at Camp Pendleton. Now I understand he has 7 weeks of training (fmss) and then well, thats that. In his orders it says this and his ultimate activity being Camp P. So, I call housing to find out some info and they tell me that we cannot move with him until he's done with training. So from there I called our housing office. The manager called me back and told me that if his UA is camp p then they have to provide us with housing...she then proceeds to tell me that she doesn't know how the marines work but they are giving my dh 30 days to move his family and that these days should be used for just that.. but wth.. am I going to end up in a hotel for 7 weeks???? What am I going to do? I don't know WHAT to do!!
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    I would try to get the housing people to call camp P's housing people and get something figured out..either that or your DH need's to get his command involved in finding a solution. Good luck..I hope everything works out!

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    call housing at camp pendalton. normally you can't accept housing until you get there but since his school isn't 6 months they won't move you to his school then to his new duty station they should beable to give you housing with orders to his next perm. duty station. those 30 days for transit and to move you. he won't get 30 days leave then more time to get you guys settled in and they don't always get 30 days. if you have orders and your not in housing now and have a POA you should beable to call and fax a copy of your orders and application for housing and get put on the list. youmight not beable to move up on the list until he is detached from hsi training command. but i would suggest looking at apartments in the area as well.
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    Not sure how the Marines works , my husband was getting out just as we got married. I can tell you since we have been in the Army yes schooling has to be at least 6 months for them to move you and yes even when you PCS it is not uncommon for people to wind in lodging for months at a time. We were in lodging for 2 months before we were able to find a house to rent , since the housing list on post was forever and a day long. I would check out and . I hope it all works out for you .

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