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Thread: moving to mayport/jacksonville in 3 weeks!

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    moving to mayport/jacksonville in 3 weeks!

    hey everyone. my name is gina! i have already met tons of ppl in the mayport/jacksonville area. me, DH, DD are moving on dec 26th. this is our first move. we are only going to take what we can fit in my parents are going to bring the rest of our things(which isnt much..this will be our first place together) down later. i was wondering how do we go about getting reimburst for the move? what all do they reimburst you for?
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    yay! I am excited for your move. Let me know when you get here and if you need help with the move. Talk to you soon.
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    When we moved to JAX in march they reimbursed us for the keep all the receits! Alot of hotels give you nice discounts if he has a copy of his orders..just show them and you can maybe get a room for half price. They also paid up to a certain amount of pounds we were maybe a 1000 or something like that! It just depends!
    Now my parents brought my stuff up and we tried to get the navy to pay for it but they wouldn't because it didn't have jordan's name on it.
    If I remember right you go to psd?? Make sure you weigh your car empty and full and keep copies of all of that, hotel receits, and gas reciets and you will send that all in and eventually they will pay you back!
    Hope it all works out for you!

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