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    Has anyone been stationed in England? We are on our way in January as long as hubby makes it throughs school. We are not going to be in housing, so we have to find housing on the economy (not by our choice). I had a few questions if anyone knew:

    How do we get driver's license?
    Where do we register the car?
    How are the base thrift shops, since we have to replace our appliances?
    Gas coupons?
    Do you have an American car - is it hard to drive it?
    Where do you get an American car serviced?
    Any helpful hints?

    Thanks! I'm getting a little nervous, excited too. Any info would be great!
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    I'm from the UK so whilst I might not be able to help with stuff linked to the base I'll be happy to help with anything else to do with your move. Feel free to PM me

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