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Thread: Ky grl movin to Monterey,Ca

  1. Beccalynne21
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    Ky grl movin to Monterey,Ca

    So my hubbi is going to linguistics school for a yr and half out in west coast... I am from a small town. We have 4 kids together, 2 dogs, 3 cats...

    How the heck am I going to make it cross country without losing it...all of us in one van..I have this really bad image in my head..arghh

    I dont even know where we are going to livE!?! And he has to be there Jan 7th which is like 38days away. I'm packing as we speak and would love some advice.

    BTW any of your parents about fall over when you told them you were moving so far away?

    Thanks for all the advice,
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    I dont have any advice but I live in So Cal and I would LOVE ot live in Monterey...I think you will realy enjoy it there
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    Hey!! Im Amber were in Monterey. My DH goes to the DLI. He is in Chinese. Ill still be here when you get here!! Id love to meet you and your family and show you the around the area!! I have a 3 yr old named Corran.

    We moved here from JAX FL with 2 cats a 2yr old and 2 rats. We made it we were flustered but we made it.

    Be warned about pet rent and the lack of places out here that allow pets. Pinnical out here is our PPV housing and only allows 2 pets. Its pretty much impossable to find anything out here affordable besides pinnical.

    Feel free to PM me for any infor or with any other questions...

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    omg i used to live in monterey u will LOVE it!

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    Oh you are going to LOVE Monterey!!!! The housing is gorgeous there too!!! There are a few SOS gals who are stationed there. There is PLENTY to do in Monterey and the surrounding areas! I'm a tad bit jealous!!! Good luck with your move and your travels!!!

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