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Thread: Fayetteville NC, and Sprng Hill NC(north point)

  1. bmhubs
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    Fayetteville NC, and Sprng Hill NC(north point)

    we have been looking up apartmentments to decide wether we want to live off base... does anyone know anything about those areas... And specifically does anyone know anything about Northpoint community in springhill
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    i stayed in a really sleezy hotel in spring hill.. haha. DF had some friends that were raised in fayetteville and everywhere we visited was trailerparks. i was only there a few times before he deployed, so i ddint really see much.
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    we lived in the kings cross apartments in fayetteville.. they were really nice. I don't know anything about Spring Hill... never heard of it actually... but Fayetteville is really a touch and go place.. it has it's nice area's and it's not so nice areas. the kings cross apartments were nice because they were gated... but it was the only place we lived besides on post, so I can't say a whole lot for any other apartment places there, but personally, I preferred living on base to living in an apartment there. You can also look up apartment ratings online... just google 'apartment ratings' or 'apartment reviews' or something like that. Hope all that helps!

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    I just moved from Fayetteville last year, my hubby is from there. There are some bad areas but on the whole its not mad at all. We stayed on Ramsey up past Methodist College and we loved it. We lived in the apartments called North Crossings. I loved that area because you can take the backway to Bragg , might take you about 10 min if that. They also just built a super walmart right there and down the street is some good eateries and more stores. There are tons of other apts over there as well. Last time I was there we had a 1000 sq ft apt for $655 a month. They treated military really good and it was pretty quiet no problems or anything.
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    Anywhere near Ramsey in Ftvle is a decent area to live, check out AAIMS propery mgmnt, They usually have some good affordable houses.

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