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    Soooo- my husband is in training right now...but i was just wondering a few things...
    1. how long while there or when he returns will it take to get orders?
    2. how long will they wait to move us? b/c he's told he's going to have 10 days for leave, 10 days for us to move, & 10 days to get settled in the new place then he's off to iraq...

    if anyone could help me i'd appreciate it greatly!
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    The length of time for orders can greatly vary. Some people will get them immediately after putting in for something, then some will have to wait several months, and there are even times when you just get sent and don't have a choice in the matter. So, I'm not sure that I can give you an exact time frame for that. I see that he is in AIT though which means he should be getting orders close to the end. I'm not sure how other branches handle schools and such, so I don't know if he'll go to a school before getting permanent orders but in any case, he should know within a few weeks of the end of AIT.

    They normally get UP TO 30 days, though he doesn't have to take the full 30 days b/c some of that does count towards time off the books, as far as I know. I think he has 10 "free" days, then the rest will come off his leave for the year. But, yes, they are normally authorized up to 30 days to get moved and situated.

    Good luck with the orders and move!
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    Im not sure how they can tell him he's deploying if he hasn't got orders? If the unit he's going to is deploying, sure he will, but he can't know what unit until he gets those orders.

    Usually about a month before AIT grad, is when hardcopy orders will come in. You may see orders in his AKO, but those may change(they may not, too)before he gets them for real.
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    Thanks...yeah they told him flat out - after his leave he was heading out! so your saying they cant tell him he's going overseas til he has orders? if true- thats a relief! lol-- so he'll probably get his 1st orders b4 grad. AIT?

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