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Thread: I just want to scream!!

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    Wow I just want to scream!!

    I met my husband at this station and I've never moved before. It just seems like the weight of the world is coming down on my shoulders. Do we buy a house do we not. The houses that we have look at were all crap and I'm not joking we looked at like 30. I'm just feeling overwhelmed like I can't control my life anymore. I have to start over new and not for the first time the last time were not military situations but family crisis and needed to be done. I'm just wondering is it always going to feel like this when you have to bounce from place to place. I love my husband don't get me wrong but he just doesn't seem to understand. He's already got a job I'm going to have to find one. And all the other fun stuff that comes with moving. This move came really quick for us because he was going to get out in march then decided not to. So just 4 weeks ago they told him your leaving in 90 days!!!!!!! wtf. Kinda Short notice ya know special since they just gave him his orders like this week. He didn't even know what day he was going to have to report to work. I feel like a ranting wife. I just want to know what I'm feeling is normal and I'm not the only one. PLEASE ANYONE!!!!!!!!
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    When we transferred from Minot to F.E. Warren, we had about 20 days notice. You just need to learn to go with the flow. Just take a deep breath and relax. As for purchasing a house, this is my thought. If you can't make more then the minimum payment every month and you are only going to be stationed there for less the 5 years, to me it isn't worth it. You aren't building equity if you only do the min. balance. Also, if you move under 3 years you get pentilies. Then you gotta think about a quick resale for a transfer and also what the housing market is like there.

    It will all work out. Don't stress!
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