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Thread: it is soooo nice....

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    it is soooo nice....

    i didn't really know where to put this so i put it here....i just wanted to say...even though i don't know anyone where we moved too and it's hard being away from family...there is a reason i'm glad we moved more gunshots and druggies on the corner.....

    before we moved into navy housing we were trying to support ourselves in a townhouse that seemed fine at first but ended up being the place from hell....there were always drug dealers on the corner and children of all ages running around at all hours of the night...we would constantly see police cars drive by and had to call the cops a couple times for people making remarks to us...when DH left to go to boot camp and i had to walk in the house after parking across the street....i was scared...we heard gunshots often and fights all the time...i couldn't even get the mail until when the kids where in school cause all the kids would hang around the mail box...and i mean 20 or so of them and these are your friendly kids next door type.....really all i can say is thank goodness for military housing came when it did....i may be thousands of miles away from family but i at least feel safe....

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    I know what you mean..we used to live in this little town that was the closest town to Edwards AFB. Right before we moved on base a 14 year old girl was found murdered and wraped up in a carpet, and there were several people who were armed at gun point during daylight. Living on base makes you feel a lot more secure! Enjoy!

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