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Thread: Anyone around Fort Meade??

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    Fort Meade, MD

    Anyone around Fort Meade??

    I will be moving to Fort Meade, Maryland, in January and was wondering if anyone was around that area. I have several questions and I'd love to talk to anyone there or around that area!



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    DF is based out of Ft Meade, but I am here in Ohio so I'm not much help. I know Julianne is around there. Might wanna ask her about the area since she is from Maryland. Wish I could help ya more.

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    I'm in MD....about 45 minutes from Fort Meade, but I may still be able to help you with some questions. My uncle was based out of Fort Meade.
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    I know that whole area. PM me if you need any info. Thanks.

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    Im near ft.meade Im only maybe a half hour from there. PM if you need to know anything about the area

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    Ft. Mead is a awsome base. Both my parents worked at Mead. Mom worked for NSA. Dad still works up there at least 3 times a week. Hes a gov. contracted emp.

    There are tons of places around Mead.. and its close to different kinds of malls. I'm not to sure if I can answer any house questions about mead.. But I do know they have apartments right across the street from the base.

    PM me if you need to

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    We were there for 3 years....
    What ya
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    i live near there...Ft.Detrick in Frederick MD...which is about 30-45 min from Ft.Meade...its a big NICE base
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    I realize I may be a bit late responding, and I'm not sure if you're interested in buying or renting, but for anyone looking for apartments near Fort Meade, I would definitely recommend Mission Place in Jessup, MD. It's about 6 miles away, and an easy commute up 175.

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