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Thread: On or off base housing

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    Question On or off base housing

    We will be moving next spring and DH asked me whether or not i'd prefer on or off base housing. Since we're moving somewhere completely new and i'm still new at the whole AF wife thing anyway, I said on base becuase you have quick access to things you may need as well as being surrounded by people who understand and support you. On the other hand off base housing you have a lot more freedom.

    Any suggestions?

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    I put it down to the quality of housing.

    If anyone knows Hood- they know it's not the best. Not like alot of other housing I've seen anyway.

    So umm- we chose off post- and it works for us. We like to get out of the military after 6 pm.

    I've found dh much happier, and comfortable living off post. He enjoys the freedom, and so do I.
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    We've done both, and I personally enjoyed living in on-base housing.
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    Quality of housing, schools (if applicable), not to mention if there is housing available immediately or not. Also, what he quality fo affordable housing is in the area and how much of a commute it is.
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    What base are you going to? Is the base housing nice? Is the Cost of Living in the area you are going to pretty inexpensive? Can you get a place for under your BAH so you will have money for utilities? Those are all questions DH and I ask when we decide where we want to live.
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    What base are you going to? For us it all depends on the cost of living of the area and the condition of the houses.
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    The last 4 times we have lived in Navy housing and I am fine with it. If you ask me today, I'm not.
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    One of the things about living in base housing is the community. I am pretty new to the military and I have learned so much from my friends and neighbors on base. I also like that I don't have to wait for my husband to commute home from work. When he calls and says he's driving home I know I will see him within the next 5 to 10 minutes He works long hours and I know that a commute would be very hard on him physically as well ans dangerous if he is very tired. Overall, I have been very happy living on base ( so far )!
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    you have to do a pro/con sheet about both of them.. i usually won't live off base unless I can make some money from it.. But if I am breaking even or paying out of pocket I don't even consider it.

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    cost of living, and schools are the major factor for us. i am very very unhappy with my neighbors! but don't regret taking housing but our housing isn't on post we are in family housing but its off post.

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