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Thread: Moving Details

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    Moving Details

    Yesterday DH logged into his AKO account and we discovered our first duty station is tentatively going to be in San Antonio.
    I feel completely young, naive and virginal for admitting this, but this will be my first "real" move, and I'm a little lost since doesn't have a "military life for dummies" book.

    I know he can request 10 days off for permissive TDY leave, but does he need to do this before of after he in processes?

    When can you apply for base housing? And can you back out of it if you find something better off post? Clearely we are undecided about living on or off base right now.

    What did you do with your household goods while you were house hunting? We don't know anyone in the San Antonio area so we wouldn't be able to beg garage space from anyone. We're planning on a DIY move.

    Any thoughts or advice would be more than welcome!
    Thanks ladies!
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