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Thread: Moving to Hawaii????

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    Help Moving to Hawaii????

    What would I do if I wanted to move to Hawaii for only a few months?? DB lives on base in the barracks, so obviously I can't stay there. But can we get an apartment only for a few months?? Does anyone have any suggestions?? I am at a loss here lol
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    Where is he stationed? Some places might do month to month rent......will he be authorized to move out of the barracks to collect BAH? Sometimes they don't authorize them to move and if you are going to get an apartment it could be pricey.
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    craigslist...That's how my friend found a cheap place
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    Definitly check craigslist! The only way I think it could work is if you had a month-to-month lease or you rented a room from someone.
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    i'm not sure how your SO pay thing would be and all but i do know that in VA where i'm from some places will allow you to sign a lease for as little as 3 months....maybe they have the same in HI you'd just have to call around..

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