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Thread: this is how our move went...

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    Nutts this is how our move went...

    so we made it to great lakes...and let me tell you that was longest drive of my life....i got on the road at about 5:30 pm and then we stopped to eat about 7:30pm....we ate for about an hour....and got back on the road and actually gabbi did really well...she fell asleep about 30 min into the drive after dinner....i drove until about 1:30 am....cause i was soooo close to a good stopping point i just kept going...

    then i pulled into a stop on the side of the road and tried to take a nap...well everytime a 18wheeler drove by the car would i slept off and on for about 1hr and 1/2 then started driving some more after about 1 hour i just couldn't do it any longer.....and pulled in to an actual rest area where no cars were nearby and slept for about another 1hr and a 1/2 then could get back to sleep so started driving again....mind you gabbi is still asleep...well i then drive to the next rest stop and try again to go to sleep..but wouldn't you know it...i had to use the i had to wake up gabbi and after that you know there is no going back to sleep when she wakes up after her nice llllooooonnnnngggg sleep...but by then we are over halfway there so i grab another cup of coffee and breakfast walk around outside and we are off again...

    well she does really well up until about indiana...then she starts getting fussy and mad....i have my rearview mirror turned down to see what she needs and not paying attention to my speed when i finally get her toy and tilt the mirror back up....what do i see...flashing now mind you.....i've gotten maybe 3 hrs of sleep, been driving for almost 10hrs straight and i have a pissed off 2 year old in the back seat....this is the last thing i need....well he comes up...i didn't know what i had done wrong...and of course the cop had an attitude...he said he was following me for a mile or so before i pulled over...( i couldn't see his lights cause the mirror was tilted down) so he takes my license and goes back to his car....

    i still don't know what i did wrong, he comes back and i ask ( i'm sure i sounded bitchy but i couldn't help it) he said how do you not know what you did you were going 80 the whole time i was following while i was taking care of gabbi i wasn't paying attention to my speed and that's how he got me....but he must have seen that i was exhausted and let me off w/ a warning....(let me tell you i set cruise control the rest of the way) and we finally made it to great lakes at about 1 or so in the afternoon....yeah!!!! after that i slept every chance i got.....

    by the way still no furniture....should hopefully be here by tomorrow...but the air mattress is working great!!!!
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    I am glad that you made it there safely and I am glad that he let you off with a warning

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    Do you like your house? we got a ticket going to great lakes too LOL the one cop in WY pulled us over LMAO. i am glad you just a warning. i hope you guys like it there. the weather can be unpredicatable this time of year.
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    Im glad that you made it to IL safely and that the cop only gave you a warning.
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