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Thread: lettera and why wouldt he ?

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    Question lettera and why wouldt he ?

    ok so wel my coyfreeind in in the airforce and has been gone about 3and a half weeks he called me a few days after he left and gave me his address and i so than gave it to his mom and then he called to day to get my address for what i dont know but he did and i got to hear his voice it was awesome the point of teh story is he told me to get ahold of his mom cuz he hadnt got any of my letters. one of the letters i overnighted to get to him like two weeks ago what would be the reasoning. i dont know ut iv sent three letters and all were pretty lond about 10 pages and some pictures also but none of them were dirty pictures so that cant be it i dont know why ho wouldnt get them but it makes me really upset i just want to know if any of you know anything or any reason why
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    sometimes it takes a little while for them to get thier letters, and overnighting won't do much other than get it to great lakes over night.. Once it gets on base they have recruits sorting mail and getting it where it needs to go, they could have read the numbers wrong, or thought he was in a different company.. don't worry he will get your letters.

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    I agree with Rosebud, it takes time for them to get their letters.

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    it took ex db to 2 weeks to get his letters and the after that he got them jsut about every day (i wrote him every day) and it took me like 2 weeks to get his first letter

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    I'm not sure with the airforce, but what I've been told so far about the Army (since thats' where my boyfriend is). They've taken permission to read everything and check anything received. The fact that you overnighted it, might have made it suspicious, and they could have been checking it. Also, they could be withholding mail for someone in is company doing something to get them in trouble. I was also told that mail would take at least a week to get to him while he's there. While it might get to me faster, it will take that long to get to him, from what i've been told. Just my 2 cents

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