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Thread: stocks, bonds, retirment money.

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    stocks, bonds, retirment money.

    Are you or dh insterested in retirement funds? Mines is obsessed about it. I taped this Millianare inside on CNBC last week and just watched it, OMG!!!! I learned so much stuff. I was sitting here listening, putting it on pause, emailing dh what I was learning and then playing it. I was going to order the dvds but there are playing all 4 on Sept 3 from 0700-1000 and I thought that if anyone was interested should really look at them, well I dont know how the others are but the retire rich was really good. I am going to call my mortgage company tomorrow. that is how good it was.
    so anyways here is what the 4 shows are
    1. Your guide to wealth
    2. Your guide to retiring rich
    3. Debt-free
    4. Get Inspired.

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    they sound great!
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    Thanks!!! I'll have to record them! My mom is our financial advisor, but I like to learn new things everyday.

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