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Thread: First call from DF from bootcamp...

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    Sad First call from DF from bootcamp...

    Alright well my favorite guy called me just now to tell me his address. After he told me, he said that he might be coming home soon...I was so confused! He said that when he got there he was throwing up and peeing blood! He said they are going to look at all his health records and that he would contact me soon about whether or not he will get to stay in the AF. Have any of you heard of stuff like this happening? I feel SOOOO bad for him because this has been his dream and now it might not happen...
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    I hope he's okay! With any 'luck' it was just an infection that they can treat and he can restart his training and he can continue on with his dream! (Atleast he's by one of the best Air Force Hospitals and he will get awesome care there...)

    Good luck (keep us posted, too.) He'll be in my prayers.
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    My df was really sick at first but he got treated and didn't have to come home. Your guy should be okay and they'll get him back into training. Let us know what happens.

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    my hubby was horrible ill the ENTIRE time he was in boot (he had bronchitis, threw up blood a few times and the flu) but they just treated him at medical and then sent him home. i hope everything is okay
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    I hope he's ok!! Glad you got to talk to him, even if he did have bad news.
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