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    Ok so this is CRAZY. i am sittin in the other room and i hear my phone vibrating and i was like HMM i wonder who that is. and i go int here and there is a txt from THOMAS. and i was like uh....... and he was like "baby i love you" and i was like uh i love you too and he just started talkin to me. i was like thomas how are you txting me and he never told me but he just kept txting me and at first i htought i was just crazy but im not he was txting his mommy too. is this normal. he said he STARTS his basic tomorrow.
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    he might have been at's usually the first stop where they get clothes/shots/records all he could still have his cell...i do think they will take it while he is actually in basic though so don't be dissapointed if you don't hear from him for a few can send letters but they are only allowed to write at certain times and if one person messes up it could mess it up for the whole group...also usually they are allowed to make one phone call at some point

    i'm glad you did get to communicate with him

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