After 7 months of Basic and AIT (all together obviously) we are finally going home in 2 weeks. He graduates the 19th from Ft. Sam. I am leaving the 18th and we will come back to my grandparents house so he can meet the family. Then we leave that Monday and head to Indiana. We are moving into a 3 bdrm townhouse with one of his friends. I will be going to Beauty School in September and life can start back up again.

Does anyone know though if most of the time if they can leave base on family day? No one has told us anything about family day or what time he is graduating. I'm not freaking out about it but I need him to check me into the hotel for his discount. Money is a little tight right now with gas being so high and having to have money to get back home. If I go to the holiday inn express i can save $50 if John checks me in. There are cheaper hotels in the area but they creep me out. I read every single review If anyone knows anything different about area hotels please let me know. On the upside the Army will reimburse us for our trip and hotel room on the way back to Indiana. Yay!