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Thread: DITY Moves

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    Shock DITY Moves

    Someone please tell me this process isn't going to beat me down

    Paperwork, packing, oh...I need a Mark Walberg fix real quick

    I can't look at anymore paperwork tonight....maybe tomorrow
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    It can be tough. We just did one moving to VA. Luckily my husband did all the paperwork. I just had to take care of the packing and moving part.

    We still haven't turned in all the paperwork to get money back...we can't until he's at his new command.

    Good luck girl!
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    We let the military handle most of it. We just took what we wanted to be sure it didn't get broke. You will get through it. We all have.
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    We did the DITY move from WA to CA (I was actually moving from Canada, but all of our stuff was in storage in WA). It was great. We ended up making a ton of money from it. Hubby handled the majority of the paperwork, but I got a lot of info from the DITY movers website. There were even links to Penske where we got a wicked deal on our truck.
    Good luck to you. I know its stressful, but for us it was worth it.
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