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Thread: Questions and advice about AIT

  1. guardgirlfriend
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    Questions and advice about AIT

    So my bf is at AIT in Ft. Knox and he's suppose to be there for 2 months. So far he's been gone 24 days, and I was just wondering if anyone knew about the kind of stuff I could maybe send him, like cards maybe? Or something besides just letters. Also I was wondering if maybe someone had any advice on how to cheer him up. The last time I talked to him on the phone he told me that they had around 9 hours of free time since training got over at 1 and lights out was at 10 and the drill sgts werent letting them go downstairs or anything. And he said he was losing it a little so I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on something that might cheer him up? Ive sent him cute little pics and drawings and i write him everyday, I just feel like there's more I could do.

    heh id appreciate any suggestions! <3
  2. Armylove
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    You can send him cards and letters. I dont know about anything more than that. When DH was in basic, he could get letters and cards and that was it. But if the letters were to thick, or the cards were to thick, he got into trouble. As far as cheering him goes, just remind him basic is all about tearing them down and building them back up. And that it may seem like he is losing it, but he can stick it out. It will get so much easier for him. Count your blessing you even get to talk to him on the phone. I didnt get that. Phone calls were not allowed, only snail mail.

    Just remind him that you love him, and that he can do it, and how proud you are of him. And remind him of something good to look forward to when its over, like seeing you. Send him some cute pictures of yourself, just not naked ones lol. Remind him that everyone misses him and loves him, and he can get through it.
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    thanks. yeah im really happy i get to talk to him on the phone. It's always wonderful to hear his voice. heh. I was fortunate enough to have met him after he'd done basic. He did split opps(idk how to spell it) and he did basic before his senior yr of high school and he just graduated so now he's doing AIT. So he's only gone for 2 months instead of 3 or 4 months
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    Well AIT is way diff than BCT, so you can send him a lot of things. Candy, pictures, dvds, pretty much anything that's not alcohol or porn. That's what I can send to MY hubby anyway. He has even ordered shinais, so I'm pretty sure you can send whatever you want to him.
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    From what I understand about AIT, it is VERY base specific.
    My friend is at Ft. Campbell right now and he has his car, cell phone, and the freedom to leave the base every weekend.

    My cousin was allowed one day pass the entire time.

    I'd send letters to be safe, but ask him what kind of things the other guys are getting?
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    AIT starts off pretty strict but they loosen up the longer you are there. It also depends on your MOS, how long your AIT is, and the base. I have been through AIT twice. Once of course was my initial training and I felt like prison lol. We weren't allowed TVs, computers, etc. but we did go out on the weekends after we were there for so many weeks. We had phone privileges on weekends and during a certain time during the week but it was impossible to get on the ONE pay phone in the area. My husband was allowed a cell phone at his AIT. You should def ask before sending anything but remember letters, cards, etc are ALWAYS appreciated. Many people feel forgotten about during training and it can be stressful.

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