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Thread: mail question

  1. heatherv
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    mail question

    My bf is at marine basics right now and he sent me a letter telling me to only send letters stamps and pictures but anyways i was just wondering if it would be ok if i would send a card??
  2. everlong11
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    im sorry i dont know anything about sending mail to basics, but if he only wants letters... you could always just decorate a simple letter with magazine cutouts, phrases, dates, words, newspaper clippings, little pictures, stickers, drawings, anything!

    hope someone can help you~
  3. Del
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    What I've heard from the ladies on here is that cards are fine, as long as the outside of the envelope isn't decorated or done up special in any way (pink envelope is probably a bad idea here, lol).

    But... I dunno marines. I'm sure some of the ladies on here do.
  4. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    I sent my husband(army) a card with an old army Elvis picture on the envelope, and he had no problem...though it was just a simple picture in the bottom corner.

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