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    So last night I was bored and was email db cute little emails like, "i have a thing for PO1 W******" Well, I get an email this morning from DB, "You getting diggity on me -_- I try to forget i'm in the navy "

    EVen though he loves his job now and is going to make the navy his career he feels this way still I don't get it. Does db feel like this cause he misses me or does he really not like the navy and is only making the navy his career cause if he stays in our future is safe in some way?

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    My boyfriend and i have talked about that a good amount, whether or not he will one day make a career out of the navy. He's not sure yet, still a few more years, but the one consistent point he makes everytime we talk is that it is "safe" and secure. =/ It makes sense, but there are plenty plenty of other well-paying jobs out there if they are willing to look. You should ask him =)
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    We're career Navy too, and my dh feels the same way about the darling Navy. He loves it but he hates it. It's very complex. But seriously, I think it's normal. He likes his job, he doesn't like the bs that goes along with it.
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    I that the Navy just like a lot of other jobs is a love/hate relationship. My dh is proud that he is in the Navy but sometimes he just wants to forget that he is in it for a few hours at least.

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