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Thread: Finally well maybe .....

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    Nutts Finally well maybe .....

    So the boys checked in today and at first no one knew where the hell the were supposed to be. Well they finally figured it out and they are supposed to be there..... but at Court House Bay. They Pick up next friday ( leave it to the Marine Corps to pick up on a friday !!! ), and they will be done first week of august ... MY birthday !!!! Great Present !!!

    Well then the funny part comes in....

    When this is over we will be either stationed at North Carolina............ or Parris Island !!! Ha Ha Ha !!!

    I've been teasing Sherman since he came home about going back to Parris Island. Well now its actually a possibility !!! Who knew

    Anyways thats the news for now... we are still coming "un-officially" and the date got bumped up to we are leaving this thursday !!

    Anyways..... thanks for listening !!!

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    Parris Island? So jealous, it is beautiful down there!! If you guys end up there make sure you get a park pass to Hunting Island- you can get them cheaper through the military then at the park itself. I miss it sooooo much down there!!

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