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Thread: Just curious....

  1. Julez
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    Just curious....

    Any other E9 wives here? DH is advancing to Master Chief around August/September. I was wondering, being that he'll be the top enlisted at his new command, if any of you had a change in what was expected from E8 to E9 - in the wife aspect?

    I feel a bit silly asking this question because I am a veteran as well as have been married for nigh on 10 years to DH, but I know that there is a certain distinction afforded an E9. This is not in anyway taking away from the honor of him being an E8/Senior Chief, but does the social setting change? Will there be more events to attend than before? Do any of you feel more of being under a microscope? Scrutinized because of your husband's rank?
  2. msdarbonne
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    Sorry I can't help with your question. Dh is only an E3. He is still in AIT. lol. But, I wanted to respond anyways. Hope you don't mind.
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    hurry up and wait....
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    not an E9 wife(I only wish!) but congrats to your husband!
  4. Julez
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    The only reason I'm asking is because I've noticed an increase in CG functions that we attend since he made E8 3 years ago.
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    Julez, that is AWESOME that he made Master Blaster!!! DH is not an E9, but honestly we had no major changes when he went "to the dark side" LOL.

    Other than some of the wives being bitcher, but that's easily avoided. We have a few more functions that are "mandatory" but not a whole lot more. As far as being scrutinized because of your husband's rank, I think that happens in most ranks. Plus you can handle it!!!
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    DH isn't an E9 (he wishes ) but I wanted to say congrats and that's awesome!
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    congrats to your hubby!!!!! i am hoping for E-7 come august

  8. Julez
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    Thanks ladies!

    Yeah chelle, you know me lol!

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