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    My husband was in the National Guard and after 6 months of being out (and back from Iraq) he wants to join Army AD. We aren't sure yet where he will be going to school but can I move with him? I know that the Army probably wouldn't pay for it but can we put all our things in storage and live in a hotel or something while he is in school??? If so, will they move us from the storage unit to wherever he ends up being stationed??
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    I'm pretty sure that he has to stay on-site for a while in AIT.... But I'm not an army SO, so I'll let them answer properly.
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    It depends on the length of his AIT, if his AIT orders allow for you to move, etc. My husband's AIT was 46 weeks and his wife(at the time) and daughter were able to live with him and the military paid for it(because it was longer than 6 mos). If it is not on his orders for you to move with him, it might be worth it to just stay home because a lot of people have gone through a lot of crap because they moved themselves adn teh military will only pay to move them from their old residence.
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    Hubby just finished AIT and I kow for a fact that if AIT is longer than 20 weeks, they authorize dependants to move. You should be able to get base housing, but if they screw you over (like they did us!) then they'll still pay for you to move and adjust BAH for the area.
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