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Thread: Peter Parker and Mary Jane reunited

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    Love Peter Parker and Mary Jane reunited

    I drove 14 hours (round trip) to see John this weekend for a total of 12 hours. He has been at AIT for 5 weeks now and I had to go see him. I drove by myself and was freaking out the whole way there and the whole way back. Then I got to San Antonio followed map quest all the way to a CLOSED GATE?!! There were no guards and I was in a bad neighborhood. I immediately started crying. I had been on the road forever, gotten lost twice already and now i had no idea how to get on base. Plus the lady told me they had no rooms available at the hotel on base and they probably wouldn't let me on base since i didn't have stickers. I was a WRECK! So I called John, but he was still in formation. So I'm on the phone with my mother who is on map quest trying to figure where I am and where i need to go. I am going to invest in Tom-Tom asap! Well I finally got on base (no problem there) and some other guy at the hotel found me a room! So it all worked out in the end. Plus we got to see Spider man 3 together which is what we really wanted to do. We are both huge fans, and well we really are MJ and Peter in our own little fantasy world. The only sucky part was John still had to report back for formations and didn't have an overnight pass but it was still worth it. At one point while I was waiting for him one of the guys from another PLT came up to me and asked if I was waiting for john. I was surprised but said yes. He started talking to me and we had a nice conversation. When John got done I asked him how that guy recognized me and he said "Oh because all the guys have seen your picture and have known for a week that you were coming to see me." He said it so nonchalantly but I about cried. He also told me that he only smiles when he is on the phone with me. I told him that its little things like that that really tell me how much he loves me. He pulled out his wallet and showed me everything he keeps in there. He has every picture I have sent him that will fit in his wallet, the quote i sent him (And ever has it been known that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation) still in the baggy with my perfume sprayed on it, and the song lyrics to "Arms of a Woman." I really got teary eyed then. Nothing like crying into your Sweet and Sour pork.

    As much as I am so happy to have seen him all I want is to be back home and to go back to normal life. Where we can go see a movie whenever we want, or just sit around doing nothing TOGETHER. Seeing him again makes me miss him even more but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.
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    I'm glad you got to be with him....even if it was for such a short time

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