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Thread: Leaving tomorrow to see DF

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    Leaving tomorrow to see DF

    And I'm FREAKING OUT! I have to drive to San Antonio by myself and I am scared. I am also excited about seeing John but thats the only thing that is going to put the car in gear tomorrow. I have never done a road trip like this by myself. Someone always goes with me. So anywho please be praying that I get there and back safely. Also that when I get there that there will be a room available (long story but tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo and nothing can be guaranteed right now). So yes please, good thoughts, vibes, or prayers would be greatly appreciated!
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    Have a safe trip Sweetie!!
    And a WONDERFUL time with your DF!
    I remember when I drove by myself 13 hours from FL-NC to see my DH when he was stationed up there... It was a weekend trip... I was dead for a week after I think... but oh so worth it!
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    Have a safe trip and have fun!!
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    Have a safe trip and congrats on getting to see him!!

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