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    Mix CD

    I thought some of you girls that SO's were leaveing soon or just left for bootcamp could use some of these song ideas. I made DH (then BF) a mixed CD of "missing you and being apart" songs that he took with him to boot camp to listen to. He said it helped him ALOT threw it. Here are the ones that I used. (Take note that there are probably some newer good songs out now, I made this in 04). I will include snip its of the lyrics as well.

    1. Yellowcard - Miles Apart

    "We'll be miles apart
    I'll keep you deep inside
    You're always in my heart
    A new life to start
    I may be leaving but you're always in my heart"

    2. The Early November- Come back

    "Waiting by your side
    Knowing every moment is closer to your flight
    Upset with the past, but it's all that holds us now
    Believing no lies, telling each other we'll be fine forever"

    3. MXPX- Everything Sucks

    "Everything sucks when you're gone

    A dream of our reunion makes me crazy just to think,
    How so very far away you are,
    My hope begins to sink"

    4. Dashboard Confessional - Living in your letters

    "Phone calls from further away
    & messages on my machine,
    but I don't ever tell you this distance
    seems terrible.
    There is no need to test my heart,
    with useless space."

    5. Incubus- I miss you

    "I see your picture, I smell your skin on the empty pillow next to mine.
    You have only been gone ten days, but already I'm wasting away.
    I know I'll see you again
    whether far or soon."

    6. Starting line- best of me

    " Here we lay again
    On two separate beds
    Riding phone lines
    to meet a familiar voice
    And pictures drawn from memory
    We reflect on miscommunications
    And misunderstandings
    And missing each other too "

    7. No use for a name - dumb reminders

    "think of dying without you here
    So I drink myself to sleep
    And then I hide beneath a sheet
    And I try to disappear

    But I get up every single time
    Cuz you keep me alive"

    8. Manhattans - shinning star

    " Honey, you are my shining star
    Don't you go away
    Wanna be right here where you are
    Until my dying day "

    9. Darryl Worley - I miss my friend

    "I miss those times
    I miss those nights
    I even miss the silly fights
    The making up
    The morning talks
    And those late afternoon walks

    10. BLink 182 - Miss you
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    aww those are good songs, thanks for sharing!
    I would rather spend my time missing you than be with someone else <3

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    That is great!!!! I am downloading these as I post this message. My guy is back home in Mississippi before he deploys so I'm going to ship this to him tomorrow!!

    Thanks for sharing!!!
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    Awww those are sooo cute!! I did the same for DH (again, then DB) and included songs that to this day, he can listen to anywhere and think of me! It's soo cute! And are wedding songs was on one of the CD's too! He liked it so much, he asked me to dance with him one night and that was it for me!!

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