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Thread: I know alot of questions but...

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    I know alot of questions but...

    So I know I am always asking a ton of questions but I dont know. My husband left March28th. So the recruiter said they were holding his check for the first to pay for his uniform and that we'd get paid on the 15th. Then I called the recruiter because I wasn't sure when the pay would be deposited since the 15th is on Sunday. he said Friday. So since yesterday I have been calling the bank and it hasnt been deposited yet! Why not? I am only so curious because its the only money I have, I am a SAHM and his pay is how I will support the family while he's away. Does anyone know what is going on? Should I keep calling the recruiter or is there someone else I can call? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    If he left the 28th of March, his first pay will not be until 1 May.

    The 28th was too close to the 1st to get pay for that period.

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    True. They only get paid like the fifth week and then again at the end of Boot Camp. You can contact the recruiter and let him or her know that you want the number for recruit affairs in Great Lakes. They are a better link to someone at Basic Training than the recruiter is.
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    I hope you got the pay ... b/c when sherman went to bt cmp for the MC... they made him get his own bank account down there... and we sent him with our bank stuff and they told him no .


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