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Thread: 5 more days!!

  1. ClutzyChick
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    5 more days!!

    AHHH in 5 days i leave to go see my BF!! and im just soo excited!! i cant wait to see him!! im super proud of him hmm any helpful hints and tips are greatly appriciated... lol a million things are going through my head right now like what am i gonna wear , how is he going to look , whats it gonna be like , how much time will i get to see him for lol the list goes on and on..hmm but no one in my house really cares to listen or understands..that is why i am so glad i have you guys to talk to hehe
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    Where is your BF graduating from? he is in great lakes or somewhere else? THe only advice I would give you is to make sure you bring your camera..we forgot ours in the and also bring a bunch of diferent seasonal outfits..we went to great lakes during spring break and we thought it was going to be cool out but it was soooo I didnt really have anything to wear and was really upset about it! Have fun!
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    That is great!!
  4. brena18
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    Congrats! Have a great time seeing your BF.
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  6. ClutzyChick
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    thank you : ) i leave tomorrow! ahhh im so excited lol.. im gonna take lots of pictures! hes graduation is in san antonio! for the AF! .. i'll tell you ladies all about it when i get back hehe ..

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