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Thread: finally a date/signing bonus ?

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    finally a date/signing bonus ?

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    When you get a bonus, half is up front (minus all the taxes) and the rest is every October. With a signing bonus, I have no clue. I do know some people that got one but they didn't get the money until AFTER they finished school (after bootcamp they usually go to a school). Good luck though
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    When my DH reuped with his bonus, he got 1/2 up front and the other spread over the rest of his enlistment on that date. His is January 2nd. So if he get's it on the 25th...he will get 1/2 that next pay period and the rest on April 25th for x amount of years.
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    When DH got out of boot camp he didnt get his bonus until after he finished all of his schooling! He got all of it at once!
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    My husband is in bootcamp right now and the recruiter said that he'll get the bonus in one lump sum after he's done with schooling. I don tknow for sure yet because we havent done it.
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    YEah my DH was the same as crystals..he didn't get it until he was threw A school and was headed to his duty station then he got all of his money.
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    my husband didn't get his bonus until a few months after he got to his first duty station. I think it's because you have to actually get on the peoples ass to get your bonus on time. Sean didn't know that and he got his later. So tell him to start asking about his bonus constantly right before he finishes all his schooling.

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