My husband put in his reenlistment package for his MOS 2651. But, it's not looking good. Only 24 boatspaces were open, 30 packages submitted. As of now, there are only 2 boatspaces left and 8 packages waiting for approval. The chances are not good that his package will be one of the last two approved. So, we have been looking into his other options. He would ideally like to do another term. But, the job options are slim. Does anyone know anything about CID? I know it has something to do with NCIS - a criminal investigative job. It would allow him to retain his TS clearance and he is very interested in it. My concern is that there are so many open boatspaces and not a lot of packages that have been submitted - why? We just don't know anything about this. And we are also nervous he won't be able to reenlist because of the lack of openings in MOS' that he is interested in.