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Thread: Waiting time to South Korea

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    Waiting time to South Korea

    Dear all,

    My Air Force boyfriend (I'm expecting a proposal soonish as we have already talked about it) will be testing in the next couple of months for a promotion to technical sergeant (E-6). According to him, the norm is for an airman to be shipped to South Korea upon a promotion to tech sergeant. Is this true? Does anyone know how long it should take after earning the promotion to actually be given the promotion (I was led to believe that after promotees are selected, those with the highest test scores and recommendations get promoted first, so it could be a while depending on his score)? And then how long after that before he will get orders? I am extremely excited about the idea of moving to South Korea, and I would appreciate if the show could get on the road.

    Thank you in advance for any insight!

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    This is not true for all tech sergeants. You should probably get him to clarify exactly what he meant. Maybe he meant this is the case for one specific AFSC. If he gets selected for promotion, he will receive a line number and that number will give him a better idea as to when he would actually be promoted.
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    I don't know anyone in the Air Force who's done a Korea tour. It all depends on what his job is. With my husband's career Korea isn't an option.
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