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Thread: About MSG.

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    About MSG.

    My boyfriend might be getting MSG duty... I'm not sure what it is, and how it will be like between me and him. It will be nice to know some experience from some of you if you have dealt with it before! Thank you.
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    MSG is a three year deployment as an embassy security guard. He will be sent to 3 different countries, 1 different country per year. I am about a year into a long distance msg relationship and I can advise you to not do it unless you plan on marrying that man because it is no walk in the park. He will spend a couple months in Quantico for training where they evaluate him and train him physically mentally etc. Assuming he checks out he will be shipped off to a random country that he will have no idea where he's going until a couple weeks before. Mine went to Egypt, but just know it could be anywhere, he could be sent to Baghdad where they are not allowed to leave the compound for a year and it's very hard to get leave. I visited Egypt once in the summer and it was ok. his detachment had an inspection that month which I didn't know about until after I bought the tickets and got time off from work etc. so he still had to work the whole time I was there and overtime and on his days off because his detachment was so big and they had to prepare for the inspection. The work they do is long and boring so he says and they change shifts each month so the time he is awake or asleep or at work is always changing and we constantly have to adjust because of the time difference. He was on eves when I visited, so the 2-10 pm shift. I spent most days wandering Egypt alone, and intermittently getting harassed by people but some people were friendly and helpful. The food was disgusting and I was constantly sick. It was hot as hell like at least 100 degrees everyday and you can't wear shorts and a tank top in a muslim country. He is only able to have 3 overnights a month so he couldn't even stay with me most nights. He lives in the embassy with like 10 or so other marines. There's lots of English teachers and other embassy workers that they are friends with and hang out with. Figuring out communication sucked at first, there was only 1 outgoing line until he figured out his phone plan so I had to wait for him to call me and if I missed it or I was busy I couldn't call the number back. Now we text and video chat through facebook messenger. It's been 6 months since I last saw him. IF he gets a better location next year I plan on moving overseas and teaching English wherever. I already do it online as of now, so that's one route you can go if you think 3 years is too ridiculous but I am pretty serious about my boyfriend or I wouldn't have put myself through all this. The worst thing about MSG is that you will almost never know what's going to happen and you can't always plan for the future with him, it's a bunch of if's and maybe's. Maybe next year I'll be teaching English in Spain and we will be together or maybe he will get sent to Baghdad and I won't even be able to visit him. That is what drives me the most crazy. It could be good if you like to travel and have lots of money to travel that far or are willing to save a lot, or it could be awful, or a little bit of both it's basically about how lucky you get with his assignments which neither of you will have any control over.
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    MSG duty is Marine Security Guard, which is a 3-year special duty assignment known as a B-billit in the Marines.

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