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Thread: Navy Reenlistment Process?

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    Navy Reenlistment Process?

    Can anyone explain to me how the Navy's reenlistment process works? I searched older threads but DB says there's a new system (since 2013/2014). He told his Senior Chief he would like to reenlist in February but still hasn't received permission to do so (sorry if I'm missing correct terminology I really have no idea what I'm saying). Any idea when we should be expecting to hear if he can reenlist and then what the next steps are?

    I have asked him this but our brains work in very very different ways so hasn't really explained it in a way that makes sense to me.
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    does this help or answer your questions?
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    So from what my husband and brothers have told me (it's changed since I got out) is that they have to apply through Seaway (they look at the year they came in, any PRT failures, rate of advancement ( I think), and how full the rate is). Big Navy then makes a decision if they approved to re-enlist or denied. If they are denied... there could be an option to cross-rate (change rates) or be separated. I think that has to be done six months before wanting to re-enlist. He also might need to talk to his departmental career counselor to get the ball rolling if Senior didn't seem to be moving on it (he might just have too much on his plate or forgot).

    Hope this helps!

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