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Thread: Enlisted to Air Force Institute of Technology

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    Enlisted to Air Force Institute of Technology

    An opportunity came up and for the first time, my husband is eligible to apply. He meets all the criteria for the most part. However, we are overseas and already have a projected pcs to another overseas location. Does anybody here have experience on this? We wonder if AFPC would have to cancel our assignment before he is even eligible to be considered for the program OR they would deny right away his application because of the upcoming pcs(which we would prefer to happen if that's the case) OR afpc will only cancel the assignment if he gets selected? Only 4 applicants will be selected this year.

    Thank you for any input. Any info will be appreciated. I have googled about it but all I could find was general info and nothing specific nor personal experience.

    P.S. I would also like to know more about the follow-on assignment after completing AFIT. Do they get a list of bases they can apply for or would just go off of regular overseas/stateside cycle?
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