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Thread: Drill Sergeant Duty Question

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    Drill Sergeant Duty Question

    My main question is about the packet being put in. I'm just wondering how long it might take after a packet is submitted before the person hears about it being approved or not. My husband seems to have changed his mind about Warrant Officer, and would like to stay enlisted. He wants to do drill Sergeant. Also, if the soldier is stationed OCONUS (Alaska), is it required to finish out the 3 years before being able to go Drill Sergeant?

    We've done a little looking into what would be required of him for the job (long hours, little to no time at home), but does anyone know what he might expect after finishing the 2-3 years after being a drill sergeant? Is there a limited choice of MOS after that, or do options actually look better? DH had to go infantry when he joined because he was prior enlisted, and infantry was his only option. I know he's ready to be able to have some kind of choice beyond that. I want him to be able to do something he will enjoy (seeing as how he plans on going to retirement), and I would just like some hope that he could have options after drill sergeant. We both know he will, relatively, enjoy being a drill sergeant.

    Thank you.
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    I can't answer all of your questions but I have heard DS looks really good on the ERB. Also, my Drill Sergeant went on to be a Drill Sergeant in Drill Sergeant school. That was quite a distinguished honor. That is where I learned that Drill Sergeants have to redo Basic before they earn their DS covers and become DS.

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