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Thread: 5942 Aviation Radar Repair - Deployment?

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    5942 Aviation Radar Repair - Deployment?

    Not really sure where to post this so I hope it's the right place. My husband and I were both wondering if the MOS 5942 deploys, and how often. It's a fairly rare MOS, actually 5 of the 8 people in my husband's class were dropped, but they let one continue because they needed a class of at least 4 to graduate. Yikes. My husband's the top of the class right now and he was promoted to class NCO! Whoohoo! ...although he only got NCO because everyone else failed at it.

    Anyways since he's going to his first permanent duty station, we've both been trying to find people with the same MOS because he wants to know the deployment rates. He hears a lot of different things from people, ranging from never deploying, to small 3 month deployments in South America, to going to Afghanistan. What's been consistent is that 5942's don't deploy often. Once, sometimes twice, rarely three times. Is anyone in this MOS that can confirm this? I'd be perfectly ok with spending his last 3.5 years in the Corps at deployments please!
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    Your dh would have better luck asking his instructors. Instructors are generally "experts" in their field and have likely been around long enough to know the answers to y'all's questions.
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