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Thread: Reserve to Active

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    Reserve to Active

    I'm no exactly sure where to post this. It may be posted already. But, what would be the process to go from Army Reserve to Army Active Duty? Is it a difficult process? Would DF have to wait until time for him to re-enlist?

    Thank you in advance!
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    It's not easy that's for sure. We are going through the process right now. Basically he would have to go to a recruiter, see if they have any prior service slots open, if they do and he wants on the recruiter gives him a conditional release form. He then has to take that form to his reserve unit. After informing his platoon Sargent that he would like to go active and the platoon Sargent runs that information up he then writes a statement of intent ( why he wants to go active) and sends that and his realeased form up the ladder and I believe it's his units company commander, battalion commander and brigade commander that signs off on it. Once that's done he returns to the recruiter and makes the transfer. It can take 6 months to a year to get released depending on the unit but it's possible.

    My DH has been working on this process for 3 years and this last year there has finally been a prior service spot that he wanted available. His packet just got sent up Sunday finally to his company commander so we are hoping to finally have news in coming months.

    It's possible but he that's to be willing to push hard for it.

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