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Thread: So... Delayed Deployment thingy??

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    So... Delayed Entrance thingy??

    My DB is gonna go to Navy Bootcamp sometime in the fall (methinks; leastways i can't seem to talk him out of it). He's not yet 18 (that's why he's not leaving til fall)
    Apparently there's some program (and his explination confused me) that he can start now (at 17) and get kind of a heads-up for Boot Camp. But he needs parental consent. He's an orphan and his grandmother wont sign it.
    Is it a good thing? Bad thing? Does it really help and would he get sent away even sooner?

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    There is the Delayed Entrance Program...but that is the only deplayed entrance that I know of. Once he turns 18 he can sign his own papers regardless of if his grandmother will/wants to sign them. That really won't have an affect on anything I don't think. Just mean he has to wait until he is 18 to officially sign papers.
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    Yeah, that was it, sorry, my memory for terminology sucks . SO if she signed it, he'd get sent sooner? Then it's definitely a good thing she wont!!
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    Well, he won't really go 'sooner' it just gets him ready for bootcamp by having regular meetings with his recruiter where he PT's (runs, etc.) and learns the basics of 'navy life'. That's how Nick's DEP program worked anyways.

    The Navy really is a great career for someone who isn't sure what they want to do with their life. It's hard being with someone in the military, but in the end, it's so worth it.
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    DEP(delayed enlistment program) doesn't have to do with age, anyone who enlists and doesn't leave the day after they take their first oath is in DEP.

    Anyone can join at 17, they just need their legal guardians permission because you aren't considered an adult at the age of 17 and therefore cannot enter a legal contract, which is what the enlistment contract is. My husband joined the Air Force at 17 and was in Basic Training when he turned 18.
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    Yep...Bryan turned 18 is bootcamp as well.
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    The Navy was a very good thing for me. I joined when I was 17 with my parents signature. I was not a bad kid at all but I also knew what I wanted too. He will be fine just tell him anything the recruiter tells him hes is going to get like a bonus or whatever. Make sure it is in WRITING and that he reads everything 100%. Otherwise he will be disappointed when he finds out that he is not getting this and that, ya know?
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    My DH was in the DET (delayed entry) he was legal (23 at the time) but he needed to wait about a year before he could have room to get in boot camp. He just basically went to some kind of meeting's with whoever enlisted him until he left for boot camp. It didnt affect anything with his career other than he already signed the papers but he had to wait for his turn to go to bootcamp. He still had to go threw all his schooling after bootcamp and such.

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