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Thread: Army OCS questions!!!

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    Army OCS questions!!!

    My husband leaves tomorrow for OCS and while I am so so proud of him, I am so so SO nervous!!! I have absolutely no idea what to expect. He is prior enlisted, so I know that can be a little different than non- prior enlisted as far as when he initially gets there. Has anyone else gone through this experience? I would love to pick your brain so to speak!!

    Thanks ladies!!!
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    Not sure about Army,, but for Navy OCS, there are very active Facebook groups for the friends and family of each class. That might be a good place to stet looking.

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    I can help you out! My husband is about to Graduate OCS at Ft Benning & he was prior enlisted too, he was an E5 going into OCS. Any specific questions I can help you with? It is pretty laid back in the beginning, you will be able to talk to him/ skpye. He won't have every weekend off but he will get the occasional pass. Make sure he take the history test very seriously, its crucial and a lot of soldiers in my husbands class got held back from graduating because they didn't pass the exam (they get to take it twice). The last portion of the training is spent in the field so you won't be able to talk to him for a couple days in a row during that time but it's really not bad! I did hear they were changing the system of the history exam for the next class so hopefully for you & him there will be some better system..

    We are getting ready to PCS to MI now for BOLC training. I really liked Ft. Benning/Georgia. I will be down there in two weeks for his graduation! Oh that is the other thing, I'm sure you already know but you can't live with him during the majority of OCS except for the last two weeks! I'll be staying in an extended stay lodge... oh joy! lol

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