I hope this starts making it better for all the different body types to pass the PT assessment

AF Fitness Assessment Changes

Week of October 28, 2013

The Air Force has released further guidance on the implementation of several changes to the physical assessment test, which took place Oct. 21. The new guidance includes additions to the body composition component of the fitness assessment, delegation of appeal authority for fitness assessments and changes to the walk test.

According to the new policy, those taking only the abdominal circumference component of the fitness assessment will pass with the component minimum score as opposed to the composite 75 score as was previously required.

Males must now achieve an abdominal circumference of 39 inches, which is also the component minimum. Females must now achieve an abdominal circumference of 35.5 inches, which is also their component minimum.

Additionally, to pass the BMI screen, regardless of age or gender, the Airman must achieve a BMI equal to or less than 25 kg/m2. The wing commander or equivalent will be the first appeal authority for fitness assessments.

For more information, contact your unit fitness program monitor, your fitness assessment cell, or visit the Air Force Fitness Program webpage. (link found on the above linked page)

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