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Thread: Ugh!!!!

  1. My Airman is kind of a big deal!
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    My Airman is kind of a big deal!
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    Sad Ugh!!!!

    I missed his phone call! I always have the phone glued to me and the one time I couldn't get it he called. So I know it's going to be at least another week until I hear from him and it's already been 2 weeks since I talked to him last. However he did get a hold of his mom and she told me that his flight is doing really bad. So they given everyone all there letters but they're not aloud to open them. He also barely made weight and he's only getting 4 minutes to eat a meal. So they sent him to a doctor and he gets an extra minute to eat... I'm sure he loving the attention from that.
    I'm just soo ready for this to be over with and I know he is too.
  2. aka Mrs Gibberish
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    Aww I'm sorry you missed his phone call. I know how that is... same thing happened to me a couple days ago.
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    I'm sorry hun!
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    Im sorry you missed his call. Hopefully you will get to hear from him again soon!

  5. inlovewithjon
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    It's gonna be ok honey! i'm going through the same thing you are. i haven't gotten a call in over 2 weeks. he's at basic right now and it's a big adjustment time for the both of us. Just stay strong! it's gonna be over sooner than you think!
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    Let's take a trip together on a bicycle built for two ;)
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    aw man..sorry you missed that phone time i missed a phone call after not hearing from db for a while..and i was so pissed and sad that i not alone..haha..well..i hope he calls again real soon and dont forget your celly!!
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    ur are definatley not alone. I remember I always had the phone glued to my hand every minute of every day and seriously girl I was like I am never going to miss his call. Then we went to cheesecake factory which is really loud and what do u know I had accidently lefted my phone on vibrate from work and never checked it to turn it to ring and I missed his phone call. I cried and I cried and he totally understood. I am so there with u I went through the same thing durning bmt. Hang in there hun u will definatley get another phone call!
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    I'm so sorry you missed him! I know how that feels - I remember pulling a complete hissy fit after missing dh's call once! I hope the next week flies by for you

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