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Thread: Frustrated about CPO quotas

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    Frustrated about CPO quotas

    I know my frustration does absolutely no good but I can't help it LOL.

    Okay, so here's the deal--this Spring they realigned the EN rating and changed a bunch of EN billets to MM billets along with changing a bunch of ENs to MMs (because these particular EN jobs were already doing the same thing as MM A-gangers basically). My husband didn't "crossrate"... he is doing the same job he was doing, they just decided to basically change the name. So, he is now an MM1. The thing is, because he took the Chief's exam in January BEFORE the realignment, he took it as an EN... so he and all the other EN1s who made board are being looked at as ENs for promotion to ENC, even though, if they are promoted, they will be MMC... stupid, right?

    Quotas came out today... 25% for EN... 87% for MM!! 87%!!!!! I think what happened is that because of the realignment, there are now a ton of MMC billets that USED TO BE ENC billets... but the guys that changed from EN1 to MM1 don't even get a shot at those spots because they're being looked at as ENs. It makes absolutely no sense to me.

    I know that 25% isn't that bad and my husband is still an early candidate AND this is only his first time up so I shouldn't expect much anyway, but I think it kind of stinks that he is an MM1 but is being looked at as an EN. It's great for all the MM1s who were already MM1s prior to the realignment though! LOL
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    That is totally frustrating!

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