Has anyone's SO been a BCT XO? DH mentioned today that he's likely going to file whatever paperwork to get us out of here sooner than originally planned. Which means we'd go to Fort Benning since once he makes Cpt, he'll be going there anyway for the Captain's Career Course (CCC). But if he goes there before the training, he'll wait his time out being an XO for BCT.

This threw me completely off since I didn't think it was even possible for us to even leave early. I feel like it's still very likely that we won't leave early but he hates it here now more than ever. He called me while I was out picking up dinner saying that yesterday was the worst day he has ever had here. I'd just like some insight on what life would be like if he is a BCT XO. His CCC probably won't start until the end of this year or early next year. TIA.